Lesson 34 - May 18


Nugget and Fang are best friends. That is, until Nugget goes to school and learns that fish and sharks shouldn’t be friends. Read to find out how one event causes their friendship to grow stronger than ever. 

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Lesson 35 - May 19

Today we are going to read Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses.  Pete the Cat wakes up feeling grumpy one day.  Nothing seems to be going his way, but with the help of some magic sunglasses, Pete learns a  how to have a good mood. 
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Lesson 36 - May 20

In the story, the Duckling gets a cookie and the Pigeon wants to know why? Read to find out how and why the Duckling got a cookie.  
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May 11-15

Lesson 29 - May 11

Feathers for Lunch by EHLERT LOIS | 9780152009861 | Booktopia
Today we are going to read Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert. In this story, a little girl’s cat runs out of the house and gets outside. He is hungry and wants to catch a bird! I wonder if he will catch one! We have read other books by Lois Ehlert this week, while we read, look for clues that Lois Ehlert wrote and illustrated this book. 
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Lesson 30 - May 12


In this story, we are going to learn about Lois Elert’s favorite tree. She tells us how she got her tree as a little girl. She has a favorite time of year for people to see it. Let’s see if you can guess when you should see her tree. 

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Lesson 31 - May 13

I want you to look at the cover of this book and tell me why we think Lois Ehlert titled this book, Leaf Man…. 
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Lesson 32 - May 14

In this story, we hear about someone interacting with a squirrel. Look at the cover of this story. Why do you think Lois Elhert titled this book Nuts to You! 
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Lesson 33 - May 15

Dot the Bunny gets a new brother named Wolfie.  Wolfie doesn’t stay little very long and he eats all their food.  Dot is worried that Wolfie might eat the family next.  Could he be right?  Let’s read to find out! 
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May 4-8

Lesson 24 - May 4

Today we will be reading another story by Eric Carle. This story is about baby animals and their mothers. When you notice the pattern, I want you to read with me. This book is called Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too? Let’s read to find out if a kangaroo does have a mother. 
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Lesson 25 - May 5

Today’s story is called Quiet in the Garden by Aliki.  This story is about a young boy who sits quietly in the garden; listening and watching.  He discovers creatures that he’s never noticed before.  Get ready to look and listen for all the things he finds in the quiet garden. 
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Lesson 26 - May 6

This book is called planting a rainbow by Louis Elhert. This book is going to help teach us how to plant flowers and what different colors they can be. While I am reading, be listening for new facts about how to plant a garden! 
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Lesson 27 - May 7

In the book  Waiting for Wings, a family has planted a garden and now they are waiting for something special to happen! While we read, think about what wings they might be waiting for. 
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Lesson 28 - May 8

Today we are going to be reading another Lois Ehlert book. It's called Hands.  It's a really fun book because it talks about hands and it's in the shape of a hand like a glove.  It's a lift the flap book that has some secret sections.  It's about a little kids that helps their parents do some work by using their hands.
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April 27-May 1

Family Wellness Day

Family Wellness Day - May 1

Newark City Schools staff members have put together a variety of activities for families to do together this Friday, May 1, for our Family Wellness Day. Please click this link to find out more. We'd love to see what our students and families create and do during this Family Wellness Day. Please share your activities with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #NCSWellnessDay2020 More +

Lesson 20 - April 27


In this story, the animals try to distract the very busy spider from spinning her web.  But she doesn’t stop, she just keeps working.  Do you think all her hard work will pay off?  Let’s read to find out what happens when the very busy spider works to spin her web. 

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Lesson 21 - April 28

Today we're are going to read a book called the Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. In this book a tiny seed flies across the sky with a group of bigger seeds. Let's read to find out what will happen to the tiny seed. 
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Lesson 22 - April 29


The chameleon has a pleasant life catching flies and changing colors as he changes mood, but it is not a very exciting life. That is, until he goes to the zoo and visits all the other animals. He wants to be like all the other animals and his wish comes true. Read to find out what chameleon learns on his trip to the zoo.

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Lesson 23 - April 30


This book has a lot of different animals in it. These animals are wild animals. They are not pets. They live out in the jungle and some live in the ocean. When they are out and about, they see other animals roaming around. What kind of animals do you think we will see in the story?

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April 20-24

Lesson 15 - April 20

In this book there is a little boy who is getting ready for his sleepover at grandmas. He packs a lot of things that he thinks he needs at grandmas but mom doesn’t agree. Let’s read to find out what he finds out he actually needs instead of what he wants to bring to grandmas.
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Lesson 16 - April 21



Lola is going to the optician. An optician is a doctor who checks your eyes and sometimes gives you glasses to help you see. Have you ever had your eyes checked before? Let's read and find out what happens when you go to the optician.

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Lesson 17 - April 22


This book is about a grouchy ladybug. When you are listening to this book, I want you to think about a time when you were grouchy and what made you grouchy. 

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Lesson 18 - April 23

This story is all about a baby caterpillar that is very hungry. He is so hungry that he is eating everything he can find. He is eating things even caterpillars normally would not eat! As we are reading, I want you to think about why he is eating all of that stuff. Let’s read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  
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Lesson 19 - April 24

In this book, the hermit crab outgrows his shell and needs to find a new one. Let’s read to see if he finds a new home.  
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March 30-April 17

Lesson 14 - April 17

In our book today, we are going to read about a caterpillar. Not a regular caterpillar, an impatient caterpillar. Do you know what impatient means? Can you think of an example of someone being impatient? Great ideas. Let's read and find out why this caterpillar is impatient.
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Lesson 13 - April 16

Today we are going to read a story called Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian and illustrated by Tim Bowers.  A memoir is a story about your life. In this story, a goldfish tells us about his life while swimming around his fish bowl.  His feelings change throughout the story as his fish bowl starts to fill up with fish and other things. Let’s listen and look for ways that his feelings change throughout the story.
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Lesson 12 - April 15


Did you know that there is an animal that uses its nose for digging?  That another animal sees with its ears? Another animal has eyes that squirt blood!  We are going to read about many different animals in this book and we will learn about what their ears, eyes, mouths, noses, feet and tails do.  

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Lesson 11 - April 14

In this book we will compare living and nonliving things. Living things need food, water, air and a habitat to grow. Non living things do not. In this story you will be asked to think, do you know which one will grow? Then answer yes or no.
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Lesson 10 - April 13


Have you ever wanted something so bad that you felt that you couldn’t live without it?   Think about those items as I read the text today called “Lily Learns About Wants and Needs.”  I wonder if those items you thought of are wants or needs? You decide…. 

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Lesson 9 - April 9

Image result for What's Alive book
Today we are going to read ‘What’s Alive’ by Kathleen Zoehfeld and illustrated by Nadine Westcott. You don’t look like a cat. But you and a cat have something in common: You are both alive. People, plants, and animals are all alive, but is a doll alive? Or your tricycle? How can you tell? Read and find out what makes something alive, and what all living things need to stay healthy
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Lesson 8 - April 8



Today we are going to read a nonfiction book about how a seed grows into a plant. Lets see what new words we can learn from the captions, pictures and the text! As I am reading I want you to think about what important things a seed needs to grow. 

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Lesson 7 - April 7

Today we are going to read Helpers in My Community by Bobbie Kalmon.

This is a text about the helpers in our community.  As I read the text, think about the helpers in our community and how they help each of us.  I will be stopping a few times during my reading to have you share your thoughts with your grownup. 

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Lesson 6 - April 6

 Image result for creature features book
Today we are going to read Creature Features by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page. Animals look a certain way, that is called a feature. Each feature has an important job that helps the animal live. In this book, you are going to learn about 25 different animals and why they look the way they do. As we are reading, think about why these features are so important to each animal.
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Online Resources

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