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March 2019 Citizens of the Month
March 2019 Citizens of the MonthEvery month, we honor 30 of our students in grades 4-12 district-wide during our Citizen of the Month Lunch. This month's lunch was sponsored by the Henderson-Van Atta-Stickle Funeral  and Cremation Service, and Heritage Middle School orchestra performed. Find a Facebook photo gallery here. Congratulations to our March 2019 Citizens of the Month:

Newark High School:
Chance Smits, grade 9
Jade Whitner, grade 10
William Hagerman III, grade 11
Anna Fitterer, grade 12
Isaac Mason, grade 12 (C-TEC)

Newark Digital Academy
Robert Atherton, grade 10
Alisha McCartney, grade 11

Heritage Middle School
Amelia Reagan, grade 6
Thomas Olon, grade 7
Syncere Royster, grade 8

Carson Elementary
John Hughes, grade 4
Alexander Irvin, grade 5

Liberty Middle School
Krisalyn Blevins, grade 6
Lincoln Schmidt, grade 7
Angela Burchard, grade 8

Wilson Middle School
Averiella Hosom, grade 6
Logan Boyer, grade 7
Bryson Byers, grade 8

McGuffey Elementary
Luke Hartings, grade 4
Brayson Sifford, grade 5

Ben Franklin Elementary
Sean Balsimo, grade 4
Jordin Benner, grade 5

Cherry Valley Elementary
Thomas Birch, grade 4
Adrian Burd, grade 5

John Clem Elementary
Jack Hanby, grade 4
Kassidy Anderson, grade 5

Legend Elementary
Mischa Fausey, grade 4
Carly Samples, grade 5

Hillview Elementary
Isabelle Tracy, grade 4
Brionna Johnson, grade 5