Late Arrival Day (students not impacted)
Starting 9/17/2020
Event Groups:
• Newark City Schools - District Events
• Newark High School - Newark High School Events
• Heritage Middle School - Heritage Middle School Events
• Liberty Middle School - Liberty Middle School Events
• Wilson Middle School - Wilson Middle School Events
• Ben Franklin Elementary - Ben Franklin Elementary Events
• Carson Elementary - Carson Elementary Events
• Cherry Valley Elementary - Cherry Valley Elementary Events
• Hillview Elementary - Hillview Elementary Events
• John Clem Elementary - John Clem Elementary Events
• Legend Elementary - Legend Elementary Events
• William H. McGuffey Elementary - William H. McGuffey Elementary Events
• Newark Digital Academy - Newark Digital Academy Events
This is normally a 2-hour late arrival day for teacher professional development. Due to virtual learning, the current student day will not be impacted. There will be no teacher office hours or services in the afternoon.
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